Mission Statement

TeachSomebody is a learner-centric e-learning platform, which aims to deliver high-quality education that is equally accessible, available, adaptable, and acceptable for everyone, especially those among underserved communities, supporting them to develop the skills and competencies needed to access sustainable careers and develop digital skills to actively participate in the digital economy and access the labour market in general, in order to find their place in society.


The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the rise of virtual learning, highlighting the immediate need for credible and reliable informational sources, along with the benefits of open knowledge. At the same time, the pandemic has exposed and exacerbated global inequalities e.g., education and access to information, access to healthcare, and race, gender and economic inequalities while simultaneously deepening the digital divide.

In an attempt to address these inequalities, TeachSomebody is on a mission to equip 1 million people from underserved communities all over the world, with the knowledge and skills they will need to adequately contribute to the entire global economy and thrive in the future. By 2030, we anticipate meeting the following sustainable development goals.

Our Values

The following core values are deeply ingrained in our culture and modus operandi at TeachSomebody.

  1. Provide Education Equity - We believe that everyone deserves the right to education irrespective of their race, gender, ethnic or social origin, socio-economic status, nationality, religion or political preference, age or disability. Accordingly, we strive to make education accessible, available, adaptable, and acceptable for all.
  2. Be impactful - We wholeheartedly believe that any person can make a difference regardless of their race, gender, ethnic or social origin, socio-economic status, nationality, religion or political preference, age or disability. Therefore, we provide a medium to support the transfer of knowledge and insights to the general public to raise awareness and provide solutions to alleviate some of the societal challenges of today and tomorrow.
  3. Exercise Integrity - Our values permeate honesty, good conduct and morale, authenticity, and fairness throughout our interactions with our customers, partners, and employees. In addition, we believe that education and skills training can pave the way for a fairer and more just society.
  4. Be Collaborative - We strive to work together on a global scale to deliver an effective learning experience and partner with top-quality organisations and institutions to provide the best e-learning solution to meet our clients’ needs and ultimately, help to make positive changes for people living in poverty and inequality
  5. Strive for Innovation - To satisfy the needs of our learners and meet the demands of the global e-learning market, it is essential that we work on innovating education on a regular basis. In addition, our contributors are continually working on new ways to transfer knowledge. Accordingly, we enable our contributors to leverage our state of the art technology and stimulate them to produce innovative and compelling content to deliver a coherent, effective, and top-quality education.