9 Simple steps to Follow to make Delectable Plain Dosa
9 Simple steps to Follow to make Delectable Plain Dosa

9 Simple steps to Follow to make Delectable Plain Dosa

Dosa is a South Indian recipe and is loved by almost everyone around the country. It's healthy. It is also famous as Dosai and rice pancakes from South India. In South India, it is mainly consumed with the purpose of breakfast.  They can be both thick and thin, sweet, spicy, or salty. They can be stuffed, the plain and a new avatar can be seen which is made up of Chocolate. It's a mixture of Rice and Urad Dal. Mainly it's crispy and served with varieties of Chutney. 

Dosa requires a lot of pre-labor with the spices and ingredients but trust me it's worth trying. Because the taste you will feel later on will be not comparable. 
Exciting till here? Let's get into the recipe and see how the yummy Dosa is made!!

• 1 Cup Urad Dal
• 3 Cups White Rice
• Ghee or Vegetable Oil
• 3/4 teaspoon fenugreek seeds
• 2 3/4 cups water, plus more for soaking
• Salt, to taste

Steps to Make Dosa:

1. Gather all the ingredients

2. Then, wash Rice and Urad Dal to drain them. Add Fenugreek seed to the mixture and cover it with an ample amount of water and leave it overnight. Leaving the mixture overnight is a very important step. Do not miss out on this.

3. Now to make a paste, remove all the water the next morning and transfer all the mixture into a blender and 1 cup water to make a smooth paste. Blend until you don't get a smooth paste.

4. In this step, transfer the mixture into a large bowl add more water (1 cup) to make it better smooth. One thing you can do is to ensure that your spoon is thinly covered with the batter. If yes, then you are doing it rightly.

5. Now, add salt to the batter and cover the Dosa with a linen cloth. Keep the batter aside for the next 6-7 hours. Dip the spoon again and if the coating is thick now your batter is ready to convert into Dosa.

6. Let's start making Dosa now!!
Put ghee or oil (whatever you prefer) in a pan and a small bowl keep some ice-cold water. Now, turn the flame on to medium to high heat. Moist the pan with ghee or oil and the transparency should be less visible.

7. Now with the help of a bowl or spoon (whatever suits you) pour a small amount of batter in the middle of the Pan and now with the help of a Bowl of round spatula try to increase the size of the batter by smoothly gliding on it. Do this in a circular motion.

8. Cook it until you see the upper part of Dosa turning into a brown shade. After turning into a brown shade, It will not look smooth anymore. It will look crispy now. Flip the dosa and now cook for 1 min.

9. Your Dosa is ready now. Fold your dosa in 3 creases to give it a Parcel look. Your plain dosa is ready to serve. You can serve it with Sambhar, Green Chutney, Chinese Chutney, or Ketchup.

Enjoy your crispy Dosa

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