Most people see Instagram growth as this linear process that simply conjugates content and hashtags.

Although, there are several elements and sub-elements of Instagram growth that are more unknown to the general Instagram user.

In this post, I’d like to present some of them and how they can change your game if applied correctly:

1- Each page constantly goes through a process of niche categorization

Your page’s Niche Categorisation consists in the niche category that Instagram’s algorithm inserts your page in.

If your page’s niche categorisation is on point, your posts are more likely to be spread to a targeted audience whose pages have the same niche categorisation – thus, are interested in the same of content, as they exclusively, or almost exclusively, interact with pages in your niche as well.

Getting your niche categorisation on point is one of the key elements that enable you to increase your reach and engagement quality.

How do I know that my page’s niche categorisation is on point?

Simply check out your explore page. If only content that has to do with your niche shows up, then you’re good!

Essentially, it should look like a feed of a page in your niche.

What to do to improve your page’s niche categorisation:

- Exclusively interact with pages that belong to your niche;

- Exclusively post content that is related to your niche;

- Exclusively visit pages that are related to your niche;

- Exclusively use niche-related and location relevant hashtags;

Make sure that your niche categorisation is on point from the day that you create your page, otherwise your health score can be harmed and your page’s reach potential and, consequently, growth potential, will be severely compromised.

Benefits of effective niche categorisation:

Having your page’s niche categorisation on point benefits your page the following ways:

- Your posts are more likely to feature in the explore page of people who are already interested in your niche, therefore in the type of content that you share;

- Your content will be recommended to users that interact / engage with content pages which niche categorisation is like yours (pages that exist within your niche).

- In consequence, your reach and engagement quality will improve, contributing to a more targeted follower-gain.

2- Trending hashtags are key

Most people look for top hashtags, as they mistakenly think that the bigger the hashtag is, the more reach they will leverage from it.

This is wrong in a number of ways that I have already explained in past posts, although there’s also another common misconception that people usually don’t take into account, which is that using top hashtags that are outdated and saturated won’t work for them either.

The secret number one is to have a balanced hashtag set that includes small hashtags (especially if you run a small page), medium hashtags and top hashtags.

The secret number two, which is one that most people don’t use to their favour, is to go for top trending hashtags.

The reason why these hashtags work THAT much better is because they generate a lot of traction on a constant basis. Their competition levels are higher, but so is their visibility and their virality.

Do a hashtag research for which are trending right now, for your specific niche, and moderately apply those in your posts. You will see the difference.

3- The mimetic approach that will allow you to be featured in the explore page

If your posts aren’t featuring in the explore page, one of the best ways to change that is to go to the root cause of the problem.

And the best way for you to do so, is to see exactly how your competition is doing it.

Here’s how:

1- Figure out what your page’s niche is (sounds so basic but trust me, there are people who can’t answer it as their page is just all over the place and their niche categorisation is poor);

2- Go to your explore feed, by clicking on the magnifying glass icon on the bottom of your Instagram app;

3- Under the search bar, you’ll find buttons for a wide variety of niche categories, such as “Shop”; “Travel”; “Art”; “Food”; “DIY”, etc.;

4- Click on the one that corresponds to your niche (if it applies);

5- Analyse at least 5-10 posts that have similar engagement levels as your posts leverage within the same amount of time;

6- Analyse their hashtag sets;

7- Repost these posts (if they resonate with your page’s niche and sub-theme) and use a mix of the hashtags these pages are using.

I hope that this was helpful! Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions!

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