How to choose the right bridal bouquet?
How to choose the right bridal bouquet?

How to choose the right bridal bouquet?

Weddings are beautiful and a joyous occasion! Added to this, bridal bouquets can add flare, charm, warmth, as well as accentuate your bridal style. Symbolically, wedding bouquets are said to bring satisfaction and bliss to your marriage while the ribbon that ties the bouquet personifies fellowship. Choosing the right bouquet can be quite a difficult task and many brides often feel overwhelmed when trying to find inspiration for their wedding day. If you happen to be in this position, then not to worry as this article will guide you through popular chic bridal bouquet types, and provide you with a few tips to choose the right bouquet for your special day.

Let’s get started with the bridal bouquet types that I have leveraged in my practice as a wedding florist.

  • Posy  Bouquets — these are a typical favourite of modern brides. This rounded bouquet style mostly consists of flowers with less greenery. The stems are usually unevenly arranged and tied with a decorative ribbon. The posy arrangement is flexible and is easily carried in one hand. Please refer to the example below for a descriptive view of this arrangement. Posy bouquets can be aesthetically arranged with roses, peonies, ranunculus, and gerbera daisies.
The Posy Bouquet.
  • Round Bouquets are the larger version of the posy bouquet and include a tighter and more structured composition of flowers. This arrangement generally consists of flowers such as roses, anemones, or any flowers with a round bloom. Kindly view the example below.
The Round Bouquet
  • Nosegay Bouquets have been around since the Victorian Era. However, in modern times, the nosegay refers to a small bouquet of flowers, which is often round, defined by one focal flower and/or colour, and densely packed. In addition, nosegays are flexible and can be arranged with any type of flower and colour based on your preference. If you would like to add a touch of flare to your wedding then it would be a nice gesture to provide the bride's mother as well as the groom's with a nosegay bouquet instead of a traditional corsage. You may refer to the image below for an example.
The Nosegay Bouquet.
  • Teardrop Bouquet  as the name implies, this bouquet takes the shape of its name. As such, each flower is wired to create a teardrop design (i.e., having a rounded top and forms a point at the bottom). Teardrops are more formal and are typically suited for vintage themed weddings.  Calla lilies, orchids, and roses are excellent choices to produce a teardrop design. In addition, silk flowers are also a viable option to create this design. An example is demonstrated below.
The Teardrop Bouquet.
  • Burlap Bouquets are typically used in rustic/farm-house themed weddings. They are generally inexpensive and add a rustic charm to your wedding. Typically, they consist of an arrangement made with burlap flowers or real/artificial flowers and add a sense of lush greenery and earthiness to your wedding. The base is usually wrapped with burlap. Please refer to the example below.
The Burlap Bouquet.

Now that you have been enlightened on popular bridal bouquet styles, I will list a few tips and tricks to choose the right bouquet for your special day

  1. Seek inspiration — the internet is your best friend! Sites such as Pinterest, have a myriad of examples that will inspire you. Simply put, choose a design that best suits your personality and one that accentuates your dress. In addition, you can book an appointment with a wedding florist in your area, who I believe will be happy to offer advice. When you book this consultation, be sure to bring a picture of your dress.
  2. Pay attention to the shape and size of the bouquet — while the bouquet may compliment your wedding dress, it could also be a deterrent to achieving the desired look and feel for your special day. In this way, your bouquet should not be too long or wide as it could hide the silhouette or take away from the beautiful design of your dress. In addition, pay attention that your bouquet is lightweight and should be easily carried in one or both hands. Ì am pretty sure you do not want to look awkward struggling to hold your bouquet on your fabulous day!
  3. Consider the time of year — Remember flowers are seasonal so choose your flowers based on the flowers available. Otherwise, your flower choice could become very expensive! Your wedding florist can provide better guidance on this. Otherwise, for more inspiration on Wedding Flowers by Season kindly review this blog.
  4. Consider your wedding colours and theme — Your colours and theme will play an integral role in choosing your bridal bouquet. Once, you are settled on a theme then you will have a better idea of the relevant designs to be executed.
  5. Personalize it! — You can add your personal touch to your bouquets. Accordingly, you can share significant personal artifacts with the florist and have her incorporate them into the bouquets. Also, do your research on flower symbolism and incorporate your preferred findings in your designs.

In this article, I have described popular bridal bouquet styles and have enlightened you on a few tips and tricks for choosing the right bridal bouquet. Although making the right bridal bouquet choice could become quite daunting, I hope I have provided sufficient and useful advice to point you in the right direction.

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