Does weight loss only depend on diet and exercise?
Does weight loss only depend on diet and exercise?

Does weight loss only depend on diet and exercise?


Does weight loss only depend on diet and exercise? This is a question we should be asking? Have you been trying to lose weight for the longest time, have you tried following a weight loss eating plan, done all sorts of exercises but the weight doesn't seem to shed off? Well there are several conditions that can cause weight gain or hinder weight loss.  

Among them are:

  • Hormonal imbalance: Did you know that sturbborn fat can be harder to lose if your hormones are not in balance. In fact, often weight gain can be partly blamed on your hormones. So it is important to get all your hormones checked first. Find out more in the video which hormones you will want to get in check to ensure you can achieve your healthiest of your life.
  • Chronic stress: When you are constantly stressed, living with anxiety and grief, your body produces the hormone cortisol which makes your body more likely to store fat, especially around the waist. That is the type of weight gain that really increases your risk to gain serious health problems.
  • Sleep: Serious lack of sleep can lead to weight gain. Also, sleep deprivation causes changes to hormones that regulate hunger and appetite. It also changes what foods you are most intrested in, creating more intense cravings for fat and sugar foods.
  •  Eating Disorder: These are disturbances in one's diet, which are detrimental to the person's health and interfere in their lives in general. They range from starving oneself to extreme overeating. Eating disorders can stem from irrational desire to obtain an extreme body weight. Understanding common eating disorders is the first step in helping those who are affected by them.

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