How serving your Target Market can Boost Sales?

May 13, 2022 read
How serving your Target Market can Boost Sales?
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I believe every reader must have dated at least one time in their life. Once a person meets his/her significant other, we get to know each other, initially, it will be about their biodata. But as we start to like the other person, we get to know their interests, likes, dislikes, hobbies, problems, what makes them happy and even the brands they use. 

Online business is similar to dating, a marketer must know who, what, where and all other WH questions about their target audience to run successful campaigns and have sustainable sales. So here we are decoding that target market for you.

Target Market

The target market or ideal audience is a group of people who share similar interests and are potential prospects for a business. Usually, the target market is categorized based on the demographics like age, gender, location, hobbies, interests, and lifestyle also known as Buyer’s Persona.

Nail your Target audience

To know your Target audience one must understand what a buyer’s persona is. Buyer’s persona, to be crisp the personality of a potential buyer. This is usually categorized by 

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Interests 

Example: Say you own a newborn baby cloth store, so your target audience should be the newborn baby parents, pregnant ladies who are in their trimester due, dad’s who are interested in parenting, grandparents & so on.

Knowing a buyer's persona helps to create a content strategy for the target market aiming to make them aware of the product, educate the benefits of the product and target them to take to the marketing funnel where your target audience becomes your customer. 

How to find your Target Market?

Once you design your buyer's persona, now is the time that you have to know where your target market hangs out so that you can show your product to the. A human attention span is 7 seconds, so to grab attention in 7 seconds and take them to your marketing funnel one must need to know where you can find your target audience so that you can follow them and show your products or services.

Ask yourself these questions

Taking the example of the newborn baby above

  1. Where do newborn baby parents hang out? - In hospitals, Yoga, Parenting classes, online baby toys and cloth stores like
  2. Which social media they might be using - Pinterest and Instagram for information for baby pictures.
  3. Who are the people they would follow - Gynecologists, parenting firms, baby photographers.
  4. What are the few problems they might be facing - Unable to find perfect fit clothes for their baby, lack of sleep, and mothers stressed about the weight gain.  


From the above what we can understand is - to sell newborn baby clothes, we find parents at hospitals, baby cloth or toy store sites, and parenting forums. The mother can possible have sleep and weight gain issues.

When we have pain points, we can target those pain points and design the campaign accordingly. 

Get to know your target market as you know about the partner you are dating, then you can nail the target market and increase your sales rapidly.

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