3 Hacks everyone should know for creating a Perfect Resume

May 29, 2022 read
3 Hacks everyone should know for creating a Perfect Resume
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Your resume says a lot about you. It determines whether you will be called in for an interview or not. Therefore, your resume plays a vital role in your career success.

However, Resume Writing is a tedious task, but everyone has to do it. It's an aching feeling after putting in all that hard work to prepare your resume but your potential employer did not even call you for an interview. It hurts! But you don't have to worry because, in this article, I am going to share with you the hacks that will increase your chances to get a call from your potential employer.

In the 6th Episode of Season 5 of my Personality Development podcast, I had an amazing conversation related to Resume writing with Elena Pastore, who is a Soft Skills and Leadership Coach by profession. She shared some vital things for you to create the perfect resume.

And from the conversation I had with her, I believe the following 3 hacks should be known by everyone to create the Perfect Resume.

  1. Make it Short with the Right Message

    As I mentioned, Resume writing is a tedious task. But do you know that the more you write in your resume, the lesser the interest gets from the Employer? It is crucial to write your resume in a maximum of one and a half pages (one page is much better), as employers do get a lot of Resumes on their desks and it is nearly impossible for them to go through each one of them. Moreover, if your resume is long, their interest is cut in half already.
    Although, making it short doesn't mean that you delete things that are not important, remember! you still have to convey the right message. So as Elena advises in this podcast episode, it is better to write the full resume as it is, and then see how you can articulate your resume by making it shorter without changing the meaning of your Resume.
  2. Make sure to describe your Job Role

    I have seen so many resumes wherein the Experience section, only writes the job role without mentioning what they were doing in that job role.
    Understand that your employer might or might not know about the job role you have specified in your Resume. Also, in many organizations, there are different responsibilities in the same job role. So, for one company the role of "Senior Analyst" can have different responsibilities in some other companies. It is therefore required to describe your job role and the responsibilities you had while working in that job role.
  3. Make sure to ADD the things you have Volunteered for

    Freshers! This is for you. You don't have to write Fresher in your Experience section. There are a lot of things which we do in our college which can be counted as an experience, though you did not get money for it. For example, you managed an event in college, or you volunteered for a designing committee. It can be anything. Also, you might have applied for Internships during your College period. All these things are counted as Experience and you can include that in your Resume. So do not just write "Fresher" in the experience section of your resume, but describe the things you have volunteered for.

So, these are the 3 important hacks that I believe can help you out in getting the Interview call. Do let me know if it does, I won't ask for a Party :)

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