Addressing the uprooting of Floyd's past by Candace Owens
Addressing the uprooting of Floyd's past by Candace Owens

Addressing the uprooting of Floyd's past by Candace Owens

In this time of mourning for the atrocities committed against George Floyd, it is unfortunate that someone had to go "digging for dirt" on his past. To my surprise it was a person of colour, the conservative commentator Candace Owens who stated her position in a viral Facebook live post entitled "Confession: I DO NOT support George Floyd and I refuse to see him as a martyr." In summary, Candace's rationale leaned on her findings, which revealed that Floyd's past was clouded by a robbery, drug violations, and imprisonment. Moreover, Owens stated that at the time of Floyd's death, he appeared to be high on drugs and also used counterfeit cash. Accordingly, Owens asserts that George Floyd, who to the world, is a symbol of racial injustice and police brutality should not be 'glorified' as a martyr within the black community.

In my humble opinion, Candace Owens has missed the point. In retrospect, she neither reflected on the injustice brought against George Floyd nor the agony he endured as he wailed "I can't breathe". Pleading for his life, a grown black man cried for his Mamma, his reservoir for strength, as police officers who were employed to serve and protect him knelt on his neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. Unmoved, Candace Owens did not care to comment on this act of monstrosity! Mrs. Owens let me remind you of Article 6 of the Human Rights Act, which entitles an individual who has committed an offence to a fair and public trial. This basic right was not afforded to Mr. Floyd, instead he was tortured with a slow and painful death. I was not only appalled by Candace's speech but my review of the Facebook and Youtube comments inflicted even more grief. Discombobulated, I wondered how could a follower of Christ, like, love, or agree with this post? In fact, it makes a mockery of the Bible and its teaching of love, empathy, and the forgiveness. So many ministers of Christ proclaim that Christ forgives, it does not matter how far a person has gone, God loves and He is waiting to heal and forgive. Yet, they stood in solidarity with Candace's approach to rehash and magnify Floyd's mistakes! Let me remind you, Jesus said in John 8:7, "[...] He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone[...]" My advice – Repent and adopt a spirit of love imputed by the Holy Spirit.

Then there were those blacks in the comments who felt superior to those of us who are grieving Floyd's death. Sister/Brother my message to you, if you are in agreement with Owen's balderdash, then I urge you to refer to the history books. My instructions, explore Slavery, the Tulsa Massacre, Jim Crow, Desegregation, Mass incarceration, the War on drugs, Covid-19, and Police brutality in America. Blacks have been enslaved, oppressed, suffocated, demoralised, mistreated, abused, lynched, and murdered for over 400 hundred years. We forgave our oppressors even though they stole our power, our freedom, and our dignity. Yet, today we are contending with the pervasive injustice and stifling agony of systemic racism. Simply put, we are tired! To my privileged black friend who feels like you have been promoted to a higher social class, never underestimate your "good" job, or ability to afford "decent" meals, or enjoy "proper" health care. This unfortunately is a dream for the "masses" who have been oppressed by discrimination and racial inequalities. I pray your findings will not stir hatred but will amplify the strength and resilience of our people who have endured these inequalities for centuries. I hope that by comparing your findings with the present times, you will clearly see that the death of George Floyd is symbolic of a new Era. One whereby our voices will be heard! A season, where we will triumph, and gain the respect of our white counterparts as we enjoy our rights to equality, freedom of speech and movement, healthcare, education, and most importantly the right to a fair trial. A new epoch, whereby we will no longer dwell on the sins of others but we will speak words of love, healing, and the peace as we emerge from centuries of pain. I foresee a new age where we can finally breathe! Be encouraged! Fight the good fight in Faith in Christ Jesus as Black lives do matter!

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