4 Things High Achievers have in Common

June 1, 2022 read
4 Things High Achievers have in Common
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We all want to achieve greater heights in our life, in the field in which we are working. But due for some reason, we either burn out or become satisfied with what we have achieved. But what exactly can we do to be High Achievers in our field?

In Season 5, Episode 6 of Personality Development Podcast, I met Dr. Ruth Gotian, a woman who is obsessed with Success, a woman who has studied and interviewed High Achievers and she is the Thinkers 50 award winner. She is also recognized as the best mentor for students who want to achieve greater heights in their life. 

She explained so beautifully about the things which High Achievers have in common and those are NOT HABITS, but they are skills and mindsets. Habits cannot be copied as it differs from person to person but skills can be learned and mindsets can be adapted. And she explains in this episode of the Podcast the 4 things which High Achievers have in common.

So, here are those 4 things which, high achievers have in common:

  1. Passion
    All the high achievers are passionate about what they are doing. It is what makes them climb out of their beds every morning and makes it hard for them to go to bed at night. They love what they are doing, and because of this, they forget about time. Their mind is constantly thinking about it, their mind is constantly thinking about the ways to improve and ways to get better.

  2. They don't do things to Get Rewarded
    All the high achievers are so in love with what they are doing that they would do it for free! They don't do things to get rewarded, they don't do things for money, they don't do things to get recognized, and they don't do things for awards, all they care about is that they are doing what they love. No matter what they are getting or not getting in return, they just do it because of their passion and love for what they are doing.

  3. Strong Foundation
    One of the things which make High Achievers who they are is that they do not forget their Foundation. The things which made them successful. So, whatever they were doing earlier in their Journey, they would still do it later in their Journey. They would not stop doing it after winning an Award or something
  4. They are OPEN to new Knowledge
    No matter how big they become, whether the achiever is the Olympic Gold Medalist, a person who went to space, or an Award Winner, all of them understand that they are not going to have all the answers, and it is ok to feel that. And because of this, they are open to new knowledge from wherever they get it. They are open to getting suggestions, they have a set of mentors in their life to guide them and their best mentors are books. They read a lot of books to get the wisdom that is shared by others.

With all the 4 things I listed above, I learned that if our passion needs extrinsic motivation then that is not truly our passion. Because when it is extrinsic motivation, we judge people, we judge ourselves and when that happens, we will either fail or burn out. When it is truly a passion that is driving us then we are going to have a Strong Foundation and we will be thinking about the ways to improve ourselves, and we will do things that we always do and we would be open to gaining new knowledge to improve ourselves in our passion.

However, you can learn more of this content, as Dr. Ruth Gotian did not only explain the common things high achievers have but she has also explained the importance of having mentors in getting success, and choosing the correct mentor. If you feel you want to check that episode, below is the link.


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