ExpertsConnect EP. 18: Tips to Keep your Gut Microbiomes Healthy with Jennifer Ellis Galichia
ExpertsConnect EP. 18: Tips to Keep your Gut Microbiomes Healthy with Jennifer Ellis Galichia

ExpertsConnect EP. 18: Tips to Keep your Gut Microbiomes Healthy with Jennifer Ellis Galichia


Did you know that our gut is home to hundreds of bacterial species, some of which are beneficial while others are potentially pathogenic? Molecular biologist Joshua Lederberg defines gut microbiome as, “the totality of microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and fungi, and their collective genetic material present in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT).” Gut microbiomes can play a vital role in our health, immunity, and nutrition and have been found to aid in digestion, regulate our immune system, protect against pathogens, and synthesize vitamins such as B vitamins, folate, thiamine and riboflavin, and Vitamin K, which are needed for blood coagulation

On this episode of ExpertsConnect, National-Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Jennifer Ellis Galichia,  explains the notion of gut health and leaky gut disease. Jennifer also provides deeper insights into the damaging effects of mold on the health of our gut and further outlines the precautionary measures one can take to restore their gut health.


What is gut health? | Jennifer explains that gut health is the proper functioning of the digestive tract and the balance of the microbiomes. [1:43]. 

Causes of poor gut health | Jennifer emphasizes that the standard American diet is a major contributor to poor gut health. She also discusses how processed foods, medications, and toxins from the environment affect our gut microbiomes [2:23]. 

Mycotoxins and your gut health | Jennifer shares how mold exposure affected her health and that of her family.  [3:46]. 

How does mold affect our gut health?  | Jennifer shares her experience with mold and discusses the implications on the digestive tract and immune system [5:15]. 

Leaky gut explained [6:49] | Jennifer explained the notion of leaky gut disease and its symptoms [7:49]. 

How to heal leaky gut naturally [8:39] | Jennifer described various tips to heal leaky gut including addressing the root cause and leveraging natural remedies such as clay, charcoal, and aloe vera water among others [9:26]. Jennifer also stressed the importance of taking probiotics [12:12] and removing sweeteners from our diet. [13:37] 

Notable QUOTES from Jennifer Ellis Galichia (NBC-HWC) 

“[…] to have good gut health would be that your digestive tract is able to process your foods and absorb all of the nutrients from those foods without any issues..” [1:56]

“[…] taking antibiotics, having a chronic stress, even over the counter medicines like ibuprofen and tylenol and those kinds of things can cause your gut microbiome to suffer and get out of balance." [2:55]

“[…]  the problem with mycotoxins and molds is that you don't see them. When you actually do visibly see a mold growing, you're actually seeing colonies of mold, […] so, if you're actually seeing it, then you're you've got a really bad case.” [5:36]

“[…] so if you eat, and you immediately start getting gas and bloating,  […] that's a sign that you've got some leaky gut issues going on." [7:56]

“[…] I have like the Granny Smith, apple, and you just lightly cook it so that you release more of the pectin in it naturally. And then that pectin actually helps to heal your gut lining as well.” [11:41]

"[…] there's really big three big strikes against sugar, it feeds bad bacteria, it feeds cancer cells. And when you eat it, it actually shuts down your immune system for a period of time." [14:17]

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