3 Vital Things to do for setting boundary at your Workplace

June 22, 2022 read
3 Vital Things to do for setting boundary at your Workplace
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Lack of Boundary is a Lack of Respect for yourself, and that is the reason it is really important to set a healthy boundary at your workplace.

Setting Boundaries is a task that every individual should be doing to make sure to work properly at the workplace. If we do not set boundaries we are open to attacks, attacks like negative emotions, working problems, etc. And we all know it somewhere deep in our minds. So the question here is, how should we get started? What are the things which we can do to set those healthy boundaries at the workplace?

So in Season 5, Episode 9, I met this wonderful woman named Sangeetha Krovvidi, a certified Image Consultant with an overall experience of more than 17 Years. Her amazing explanation of how to set boundaries at the workplace is already adding value to people's work and productivity.

So here are 3 things which I have summarised from this episode, that can help everyone to start setting boundaries at the workplace:

  1. Take Ownership:
    Taking ownership of our work is the first and most vital process for setting the boundary. By taking ownership of our work, we take the responsibility of getting things done without getting distracted by external factors.
  2. Prioritize your work: 
    There are certain times at the workplace when we have friends and we want to along with them for a break, and our mind wants to go for a break, and it is important for a mind to take a break, but all you have to do at that stage is ask yourself whether it is a right time to go for a break? Complete a set of tasks and then you can reward yourself with a break. We can always ask our friends to wait for some time so that our work can get completed, and then we can go for a break without being tensed about the task that is pending.
  3. DO NOT Get carried away with the Negativity of others:
    This is where our maturity comes into play. There are instances in our life when people around us are going to talk negative things about others, and we often get affected by them. We often get ourselves to think, that are we on the right job, because someone is complaining about the job. This is the situation where you can take things into your hand and ask the person about the instances where he/she felt negative about what he/she is talking about, or you can just start something positive, for example, if someone is talking negatively about some person, I will start the chat of the person who is working amazingly and maybe deserves a promotion.

Concluding, I would like to say that these are just some methods on how to set healthy boundaries in the workplace. There is more, so much more. But we all have to start somewhere, and if we can start with this then I am quite positive that we can reach a good mindset. And if you want to listen to the full episode you are just a click away! Below is the link:


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I hope this article helps you out and adds value in the best way possible. If so, do share it with your loved one.

All the Best in whatever you want to achieve!


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