ExpertsConnect EP. 12: How to Write a WINNING Resume in 2020
ExpertsConnect EP. 12: How to Write a WINNING Resume in 2020

ExpertsConnect EP. 12: How to Write a WINNING Resume in 2020


Leading career site Ladders, Inc., asserts that you only have approximately 7.4 seconds to grab a recruiter's attention, an improvement on the average 6-seconds screening time found in 2012. So, how are you going to tailor your resume to make it STAND-OUT and land in the YES pile??? On this episode of ExpertsConnect, I had a conversation with Career Coach, Founder of Winning and renowned TEDx speaker,  Kelly Virginia Phelan, (PhD). Kelly provides deeper insights into how you can create a winning resume in 2020. She discusses the relevance of adding measurable results, explains how the applicant tracking system works, and highlights the value of including transferable skills on our resumes.


The Biggest Mistakes in Drafting a Resume [2:35] | Kelly highlights the value of quantifying your accomplishments supported by specific details [2:55].  

Six Second Resumes [4:26] | Kelly refers to her article and shares the need to update your resume to meet the current trends and expectations of this era [4:42]. Kelly further discusses the significance of having a career summary instead of an objective while simultaneously distinguishing both terms [6:01].

A one-two Page Resume [8:01] | Kelly explains how the applicant tracking system works [8:35].

Volunteer Work on your Resume | Kelly asserts that while volunteering is an asset it is not an absolute necessity [11:24]. However, she highlights the importance of including transferrable skills on your resume [11:34].  This concept is also explained [15:09].

Time Travel 2015-2020: the Five Years from Now Question [17:04] |  Kelly brings to the fore the challenges that evolve from working from home in a pandemic economy [19:45].

Navigating the Curve Balls of 2020 [20:01] | Kelly provides tips on how to deal with the uncertainties of the job market in 2020 while providing an inspiring example [20:10].

Notable Quotes

“[…] numbers and quantification details really showcase that you have the capacity to continue to grow and that you really have accomplished something previously.”  [3:40]

“[…] in that career summary, you want to be highlighting what you've accomplished, what you can do, what your top skills are, and how you can add value to that company.” [6:48]

“[…] nowadays, 75% of resumes are never seen by human eyes.” [8:35]

"[…] a transferable skill is any skill that you can really tailor to the job that you are applying for." [15:09]

“Don't ever say that you want the boss's job or that you see being promoted." [18:31]


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