4 Keyword Research Ways, You Might Not Know

May 9, 2022 read
4 Keyword Research Ways, You Might Not Know
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I have always loved the smell of keyword research. It is the refreshing aroma of understanding what search queries are being used to find your business and what users are looking for. Researching those keywords is the first step to understanding the competitiveness and landscape of your industry, which can be helpful in numerous ways.


It is an ongoing process. It isn't like a one-time done and dusted task. Hence, you need to involve in this boomerang process to leverage the power of the right keywords in reaching the Target Audience without investing a lump sum in paid marketing. 


Keywords are the first and foremost part of your SEO Strategy. It is something that every SEO has to do, but sometimes it's like pulling teeth because no one wants to do it. I've said it before, and I'll say it again – keyword research doesn't have to be hard!


A well-researched keyword list will dramatically improve your conversion rates right off the bat. What are you waiting for? Let's get those conversions in the 4 Ways you might not know-


1. Analyze Search Intent- Search intent is one of the most talked-about topics. How can you tell what people are looking for on Google? What questions are they trying to answer? And how can you come up with the best content to match their query to convert the searcher into a lead?

Users usually know what they're looking for, and they simply type it in. Analyzing search intent helps you understand what information your customers are looking for. They are broadly divided into three categories:

  • Navigational the searcher is looking to find another web page
  • Informational the searcher is researching a topic
  • Commercial the searcher desire to make a purchase

You need to think like your Audience and brainstorm the keywords you would be using in you were wearing their shoes. 

What Is Search Intent? | The Complete Guide to Keyword Intent

2. Make Use of Negative Keywords- Not everyone can be your business's target audience. It can't be possible that the product you have poured your heart & soul into will please everyone. So why should you waste ad money on the people who are not looking for your product?


Here come the "Negative Keywords". 

6 Reasons your Google Shopping campaign needs negative keywords

"Negative keywords let you efficiently weed out audience members who are not interested in what you have to offer so you can focus on hitting the right leads."

- Unbounce

You can do so by three types of negative keywords in your Google Ads campaigns: 


  • Negative broad match: It will exclude all the negative keywords from your ad, even if the words are in a different order. It is the default setting for all Google Ads accounts.
  • Negative exact match: Your ad will pop up only if the search contains the same negative keyword. Match.
  • Negative phrase match: Your ad will not show if the search contains all the negative keywords if they are in the same order. 


3. Use Google Suggest's recommendations- Google suggest is most definitely one of the most interesting and important tools ever invented. But did you know that it could be used for more than just autocomplete? The automatic keywords suggested by Google suggest can also be considered while performing Keyword Research. As it means what the searcher is searching around your primary keyword. Refer to the below-attached image for the example-

3 Ways to Use Google Search Suggestions


4. Use Rank Tracker Tool- Rank Tracker is a Keyword Tool that provides results across various search engines. 

It helps analyze the rank of your and your competitors' keywords across 400+ search engines. The inbuild Keyword Research Tools analyzes which keyword will perform the best and deliver meaningful results.

Best pros? It's FREE!

Rank tracker 📈– Website rank tracking tool | Ranktracker

Doing Keyword Research can be an overwhelming and tedious task. But the best motivation to perform it is that it pays off in the long run. 

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