3 Things to Remember when you are going for An Interview

June 1, 2022 read
3 Things to Remember when you are going for An Interview
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Job Interviews are like first dates, good impression counts, awkwardness can occur and results are unpredictable. Interviews are the crucial part that can increase or decrease your chances of getting a job. Many a time I have seen people who are so outstanding in their academics and are knowledgeable, but somehow they do not get a job. And many a time I have seen people who are good in their academics but have a great sense of presenting themselves and they can get a job. So what are these things which help them to get a job?

In Episode 8 of Season 5 on the Personality Development Podcast, I met 2 women, Bhuvneshwari Sawant and Sonal Gadhvi, Internationally Certified Image Consultants and the co-founders of Nyou Image Consulting, which organizes value architecture, life excellence, and Image Management.

In this episode, they beautifully explained how should a candidate present himself, his attire selection, and much more. So taking the reference from that episode, I learned 3 things that everyone should remember when they are going for an Interview.

  1. Things you carry
    When you go to the job interview, remember that you are not going on a vacation. Make sure that you have only the important things which you need to carry for an Interview. And for some reason, if you are carrying the helmet, or a huge bag, do ask the reception where can you keep these things. Taking these things into the Interview rooms might give Interviewer an impression that you are not organized.
  2. Attire & Personal Appearance
    In this episode, both Bhuvneshwari and Sonal explained various scenarios for having a good personal appearance for any candidate who is going for an Interview. If you are going for an interview and you know that you will need the time to freshen up (as no one likes to see a person who is drenched in sweat). Reach early during the Interview day and make sure that you have enough time to get freshen up.
    Another thing which comes into consideration is the color of the attire which you are going to wear in an Interview. Always make sure that you play with neutral colors like light blue, white, gray, etc.
  3. Don't overdo your style
    Overdoing your style will make the interviewer more focused on your style rather than what you are speaking. In this episode, Sonal narrated her experience as an Interviewer on how her attention was diverted again and again to the girl's nail which was done a bit over well.

With all these points, I conclude that going to an interview is always a nervous feeling for most of us. It is fine to be nervous, but it is not fine to be not prepared. Being prepared will always give you an extra chance to get a job.

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