Reposting Pages – Feed Posts

First and foremost, it’s fundamental to understand that quality must be your main standard, as opposed to quantity, when it comes to running a reposting page.


Performance-wise, in my experience, posting just once a day at a peak timeline is ideal, as you will be able to get the most out of that post. Posting daily is enough for your page to maintain a healthy momentum in the eyes of the Instagram algorithm.


Posting twice a day may ruin your first post’s momentum if it does perform well. If it doesn’t, then you may give it a chance to post another one and see how your audience reacts to it.


Keep in mind that you shall always use different hashtag sets to your posts, otherwise you may get action blocked or shadowbanned, which strongly affects your page’s health score negatively.


I also recommend posting a feed video for every 3 pics and a Reel video every 5 posts, as it’s a viable strategy at the moment, because it enables your content to spread throughout different audiences in different features of Instagram.


It also contributes to a more interesting feed and diverse content delivery.



Reposting pages – Stories

For what concerns reposting pages, I’d recommend sharing 3 stories per day at a maximum. Stories should serve as a way of entertaining your audience and showcasing a secondary type of content that doesn’t necessarily feature as a highlight – leave that to your feed posts.

Remember to add polls, quizzes and location tags in your Instagram stories.

Make sure you always tag the author in them as well, for a chance of getting a response from them, which improves your page’s health score.



Personal pages – Feed posts & Stories

For personal pages, it may not be as easy to post daily, especially if you’re in a niche that involves going outside for content creation, due to the current circumstances we’re all living in. Although, you can always post content that showcases a more authentic or personal side of your life or of your niche.


Posting once every 2 or 3 days on your feed is completely fine, as you should take this time to deliver content via Instagram stories and step up your game in that sense.


Through stories, you’re able to interact with your audience (and to allow them to do so), in a much more personalized manner, while showcasing a more real and personal side of your page, including your day-to-day life while at home, sharing tips to apply while in quarantine, doing Instagram live sessions, asking questions to your audience or letting them ask you questions, etc.


Although, if you really want to maintain your focus on your feed and want to keep posting daily, here are some tips that may be useful:


1- Post throwback content;


2- Repost viral content of your niche, as long as it’s congruent with your page;


3- Post leftover content that you saved and never posted;


4- Tell stories about real life events that happened to you or to someone you know;


5- Do collabs;


6- Experiment! There’s no better time to do it than now.



Hope this helps! Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions!

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