ExpertsConnect EP. 7: Overcoming Parental Guilt
ExpertsConnect EP. 7: Overcoming Parental Guilt

ExpertsConnect EP. 7: Overcoming Parental Guilt


Fuschia et al., (2019) assert that “Shame and guilt are common during the course of parenting and can reflect feelings of "bad self" and “bad behaviour” in relation to parenting events.”  Every parent at some point in their parenting journey has experienced some form of parent guilt. What's more, is that the Covid-19 pandemic has inflicted a pang of incessant guilt especially on working parents. Nowadays, with trying to balance work, the kids, and all facets of our personal lives it never feels like we are winning. And yet, there is this lingering feeling of parent guilt.  

In this episode of ExpertsConnect, we had a conversation concerning Overcoming Parental Guilt with Mr. Simon Benn, the Children's Happiness Expert

Our discussion topics included the following topics.

1. The factors that elicit distinct emotions (e.g., shame and guilt) in the course of parenting.
2. The effects of parental guilt on the parents themselves and also on the activity of child-rearing.
3. Mr. Benn's insights on how can parents can demystify parental guilt to improve their well-being and raise happy and thriving children. To learn more about Simon's strategies, please visit his website.

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Sirois, Fuschia M., Susan Bögels, and Lisa-Marie Emerson. "Self-compassion improves parental well-being in response to challenging parenting events." The Journal of Psychology 153.3 (2019): 327-341.

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