ExpertsConnect EP. 11: Maintaining Happy and Healthy Marriages
ExpertsConnect EP. 11: Maintaining Happy and Healthy Marriages

ExpertsConnect EP. 11: Maintaining Happy and Healthy Marriages


Did you know that approximately 50% of marriages end up in divorce (Campbell & Wright, 2010)? So, how do we solve this marriage problem? On this episode of ExpertsConnect, Marriage Counsellor and renowned author, Tim Kellis (MBA), provides deeper insights into how to maintain happy and healthy marriages. He discusses the relevance of the unconscious mind in relationships, highlights the significance of equality in marriage, and shares how to improve communication in marriages.


The Science Behind Love | Tim explains Carl Jung's theory of the anima and animus in relationships [3:10]. | Tim further explains the impact of mental problems, prejudices, preconceived opinions, and our vulnerabilities on the success of marriages [6:55].  

The Unconscious Mind on Relationships | Tim reveals what causes behaviour and character traits, which resides in our unconscious [8:55].  

Men are From Mars and Women are from Venus | Tim debunks this canard [12:26]. 

The Strain Covid is Putting on Relationships [14:58] | Tim discusses the importance of equality in marriage [16:26]. Tim further shares the implications of power drive on failed relationships [16:40]. 

Marriage Communication |  Tim refers to his article How to Communicate to Create a Lifelong Marriage and highlights the value of understanding one's partner's perspective [18:58]. 

Notable QUOTES from Tim Kellis:

“[…] create a culture in your marriage that's non-judgmental.” [5:48]

“[…] you have to learn how to expose your shadows, the dark aspects of your personality." [5:21]

“[…] understanding what goes on in our unconscious is critical to making sure that we know how to grow together in a marriage.” [10:27]

“[…] my biography won't be finished until my obituary, and only God knows my real name, my life is a journey.” [10:43]

“[…]  Perfect equality affords no superiority.” [18:02]

“[…] There's no temptation for abuse or control when nobody's in charge.” [18:06]

“Life is a moral concept. All life is precious […]” [19:17]

“[…] when you take things into consideration from your partner's perspective, it really eliminates or significantly reduces the anxiety in a marriage.” [19:19]



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  1. Campbell, K., & Wright, D. W. (2010). Marriage today: Exploring the incongruence between Americans’ beliefs and practices. Journal of Comparative Family Studies, 41(3), 329-345.
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