A Beginner's Guide to Design Thinking : Assignment Empathise

Assignment Empathise

According to the World Health Organization in their April 2020 report, global obesity has nearly tripled since 1975. In fact, in 2016 they reported that more than 1.9 billion adults who were over 18 years old were overweight. 

Now that's a huge “wicked problem” to tackle. Would you agree? Let's assume you were approached by a Government-sponsored institute in your country that is trying to tackle overweight and obesity in low-socioeconomic status households in your country.  Please answer the following. 

  1. How would you approach the problem?
  2. Who are the various stakeholders in this project?
  3. What user research methods would you deploy to empathise with your target users?
  4. Try to deploy these techniques with at least 2-3 people who are battling with overweight or obesity in your networks. Pay attention to the following.
  • How do they describe their own experience?
  • What are their challenges, frustrations, fears, and objectives?
  • What do they think, feel, hear, see, say, do, and what do they need to do?

Document your findings and discuss them in the discussion forum.

Be sure to leverage the use of empathy maps in your process.


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