Introduction to JavaScript : Built-in Functions

Built-in Functions

JavaScript has many different built-in functions which ease the process of coding. Built-in functions are pre-coded functions that are readily available to use in one's project. 

Examples are as below: 

  • toExponential() - It displays a number in the form of an exponent 
  • toFixed() - Defines the number of digits to the right of a decimal number
  • toLocaleString() - Returns the string value of a number 
  • toPrecision() - Define the total numbers of a digit to be displayed after the decimal point
  • valueOf() - Returns the actual value of a number 
  • charAt() - Returns the value of a character at a specific index 
  • concat() - Concatenates or appends two strings to produce a new string 
  • length() - Returns the total length of a string
  • replace() - Replaces parts of a string with the a new string  
  • Date() - Return the time and date of today  
  • getDate() - Returns the date of the current month in accordance with the local time  
  • getDay() - Returns the day of the current week in accordance with the local time  
  • getHours() - Returns the hours of the specified day in accordance with the local time  
  • getMilliseconds() - Returns the milli seconds of the specified date in accordance with the local time 
  • getMinutes() - Returns the minutes of the specified date in accordance with the local time 
  • every() - Returns the value to be true if every element present in an array is in accordance with the testing function given
  • filter() - Filter out the elements of an array according to the given condition and creates a new array  
  • forEach() - Calls the function for every element in the array  
  • push() and pop() - To remove and add an element to the index of the array respectively  
  • abs() - Provides the absolute value of a number 
  • acos() - Provides the arc cosine of the number 

Similarly we have functions like cos(), sin(), tan(), acos(), asin(), atan(), log() and many other mathematical functions. 

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