Introduction to Python : Introduction


Python is a high-level programming language with applications in numerous areas, including web programming, scripting, scientific computing, machine learning, data science, data analysis, and artificial intelligence. It is used to build web servers, create desktop applications, and currently used in some mobile application developments. Because of its popularity, there is a significant demand for Python programmers. Python is processed at runtime by an interpreter and there is therefore no need to compile your program before executing it, as done in programming languages like C and C++. 

In summary, Python is high-level, object-oriented, intepreted, dynamic and multipurpose programming language. Python may be used in:

  • Web Programming 
  • Desktop Applications 
  • Game development
  • Testing (Automation) 
Prerequisites for Learning Python 

It is not necessary to know any other programming language before learning Python. 

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Introduction to Python
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