TeachSomebody Author Guidelines
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Build your audience
  • Select a stimulating topic

    Select a topic that is interesting, and your viewers/listeners will appreciate and can learn from this topic. You welcome to share new ideas, unique viewpoints, or draw from your own personal/professional/research experience, hobbies, or consider current events, and review articles/books that you have read.

    When you have decided on your topic, create a compelling article title. Your title will play a decisive role in drawing people to review your article. In addition, your title will give an overview of what you are going to talk about. Therefore, we advise that you aim for a unique and descriptive title.

    Remember, that there could be a plethora of articles online about this topic so put your best foot forward to deliver high quality content and exceed your viewers/listeners expectations of the article.

  • Determine your audience

    Now that you have selected your topic, as a rule of thumb, you will need to define your core audience. Bearing in mind that your content cannot reach everyone and thus, a one size fits all approach should not be applied while preparing your article. TeachSomebody’s viewers/listeners span varying education levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) and demographics (age, social economic status, among others). Thus, when crafting your target audience, we recommend that you try to answer the following questions.

    1. Who and why would anyone want to read/listen to your article?
    2. What is intended learning effect of your article? Will it prompt deep introspection? Or evoke a particular emotion?
    3. What education level will the article satisfy?
    4. How can your article address specific obstacles that your viewers/listeners are battling in their every-day lives?
    5. What knowledge and skills do you want your viewers/listeners to acquire after encountering your article?

    Answers to these questions will help you to compile

    1. a viewer/listener centric article,
    2. describe and organise the content of your article, and
    3. determine the appropriate delivery method.

  • Choose your mode of delivery

    Now that you have determined your audience, you can decide on the mode of delivery to share your content. TeachSomebody offers video, text, and audio capabilities to help you to offer the best learning experience to your viewers/listeners. Bear in mind the following points when choosing your mode of delivery.

    1. Text-based articles can be enhanced with visuals to your article, which is expected to enhance the learning experience. Websites such as Unsplash and Pixabay provide free-to-use and without attribution photos for your articles. TeachSomebody’s rich text editor provides a variety of features to help you produce high quality text-based articles.

    2. For video-based article, ensure you have a good camera, a microphone with good sound quality, as well as adequate lighting. Be sure to record videos with a plain background to avoid distractions. For these articles, we recommend that you condense the learning material to a maximum of ten minutes, with a file size of no more than 250 Megabytes (MB). To ensure proper video quality we stipulate that you produce high definition videos of 720 pixels or higher. Editing your videos is easy and on a Mac PC, you can use iMovie and Kdenlive on Windows. Be sure to provide a short summary of your video-based article in the space provided on your author dashboard.

    3. With our audio capabilities, it is easy for you to submit a podcast. This is exciting as you can interview other subject matter experts about topics that prompt interest or help your listeners to improve their lives. Like video-based articles, we stipulate that all audio content should be no more than ten minutes long, with a file size of 300 MB.

  • Collect and outline your article

    Now that you have identified your mode of delivery, it is time to collate the content. At first, this may seem like a daunting task especially considering the wealth of information that you have garnered over the years. However, this can be overcome by documenting all your thoughts. Then based on the volume of information gathered you can decide if you will share a single article on this topic or a series of articles. Ultimately, your goal is to produce cohesive and streamlined content.

    To effectively, outline your article, we recommend the following steps.

    1. Determine the length of the article. There are no page limitations, however aim for a concise article bearing in mind that some people have a shorter attention span and long articles can be overwhelming. So, if it’s too long then we advise that you divide the content into two or more articles.
    2. Plan how you will align the article to address a specific challenge that your audience is experiencing. Your article should provide meaningful advice and enrich your audience’s understanding of the topic.
    3. Decide what you will include in each paragraph/scene of the article and support your claims with references.
    4. Similar thoughts can be classified into paragraphs and then ordered to tell a coherent story.
    5. Validate your content with a close friend and later ensure the following.

      1. Your article is free of grammatical errors and includes compelling arguments that will appeal to your target audience.
      2. Your article is complete, and your perspectives are well explained and supported by the relevant references.
      3. You have not violated any copyright agreements.

  • Create your article banner

    Your article banner provides a first impression of the article. You may take a creative or direct approach to designing your article banners. However, try to avoid being too abstract with banners. Banner size 712 x 400 pixels is recommended.

  • Publish your article

    So, if you have met all the requirements above, then it is time to publish your article! Thereafter, share your article with your social network and invite your colleagues, family, and friends to view/listen to your article. Well done, you are awesome!

  • Watch a summary of the steps in this video