TeachSomebody FAQs
  • - Why contribute content (courses and articles) on TeachSomebody?
    • Our learning platform connects you to a myriad of students and readers all over the world.
    • You can teach anywhere and anytime.
    • You can write, vlog or record a podcast anywhere and anytime.
    • We offer an intuitive platform, equipped with an assortment of tools to help you deliver high quality content to your readers and students.
    • You can broaden your audience and earn money while contributing.
  • - How do I become a registered user on TeachSomebody?

    You are actually a few steps away from becoming a registered user on TeachSomebody.

    Please watch this step by step video guide:

  • - Who is a TeachSomebody Contributor?

    Our Contributors include content creators, working professionals, domain experts, researchers, and educators. When one assumes the role of a TeachSomebody Contributor, they can create articles and courses. Articles are made freely available to the general public and all courses are either paid or free at the discretion of the Contributor. Once you adhere to our author and instructor guidelines, you can publish your content for free on the platform.

  • - How can I become a contributor on TeachSomebody?

    Once you have registered on the platform, you can request to become a contributor by clicking on the 'Become a contributor' in the profile dropdown menu. Agree to the house rules and log back into the platform after you are automatically logged out.

    You may also follow this step by step video guide:

  • - What may be the format of a course on TeachSomebody?
    TeachSomebody courses can be solely text-based or may include a combination of video, audio, and/or text. All classes are pre-recorded and divided into course sections. Video/Audio content in each course section should be a maximum of ten (10) minutes with a file size of no more than 300 MB.
  • - What are content categories?
    Content (courses and articles) may belong to one or more related categories to help users to easily search for content of interest. Request a new category to be added to the list by sending an email to support@teachsomebody.com
  • - How may I earn from my courses?
    You can set the price of your course while creating your course. Our learners will therefore be required to purchase the course in order to access the content. Do not forget to allow at least one section to be previewable to give a sneek peek to your potential students. TeachSomebody keeps 35% of all course sales in order to continue to support and market the platform.
    If you decide to make your course free, then TeachSomebody will show ads in selected parts of the course. Earnings from ads is shared equally between TeachSomebody and the course creator.
  • - How may I earn from my articles?
    Access to articles on the platform is free for all users. TeachSomebody shows ads on articles and shares the earnings equally with writers.
  • - What are the recommended dimensions of a course logo and an article banner?
    Beautifully designed logos/banners help to attract students and readers to your content. We recommend dimensions of 712x400 pixels