TeachSomebody - Our Story

TeachSomebody imagines a world where everyone can have access to information and be empowered to create, author, and freely share their knowledge for the greater good of humanity.

The heart of TeachSomebody is its online learning platform that is equipped with several ancillary tools to support and offer the best learning experience to its users. Considering that knowledge is sometimes only available to a selected few, we want to fill this gap by sharing information to a wide array of people. Our learning platform provides courses carefully curated by academicians and subject matter experts in their fields, which span across several disciplines and are applicable to persons from all walks of life. Through TeachSomebody our users can unlock a wealth of information through on demand access to our courses and articles.

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Our articles posts are stories that explain various phenomena, elaborate on a variety of current affairs, and describe life experiences whether on a personal or professional level. Authors will have to opportunity to provide insights and explain how certain concepts work.

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We aspire to offer a variety of ancillary tools to support the learning experience. Examples of our custom toolkit include our image manipulation tool as well as our future graphing, data analytics and machine learning tools.