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Mode of Delivery
Mode of delivery

You can learn by watching videos, listening to audio, and/or reading text-based content.

Choose a Course
Choose a course

Feel free to browse the course listing to find an area that you are interested in learning about. We offer courses from various disciplines and we are still offering more. Our courses are of varying lengths, some of which lasts for two to three weeks while our semester-long courses range from six to eight weeks. To boost your learning experience, quizzes are integrated into many courses. So with this feature, you can revise key topics and cement learning concepts.

To start a course, click the enrol tab, which appears below the course title. Once you have enrolled in a course, it will appear on the learner tab on your user panel.

Read an Article
Read an article

Through thought leadership articles, experts and academicians provide insights, share their experience and skills, and consequently demonstrate their credibility and authority on the subject matter. You are learning from the best when you are reading our articles. Feel free to like, and share articles on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and WhatsApp.

Comments, Forums, Messaging, Quizzes
Comments, Forums, Messaging, Quizzes

For each article/course, learners can add a comment or ask a question. This is available through the 'Add comment' button.

If you are uncertain about an aspect of the course, then ask a question in the forum tab, which is situated below the course content. In addition, you can directly message your instructor in your learner panel. Also, feel free to share your point of view in the comments or respond to the questions of others.

Some courses come with quizzes for each or several sections. Please answer them to test your understanding of the course content.